About PSRU

Pure Spectrum PSRU 180 Turnaround


Interim Management

We are the interim management of PSRU. We have been appointed by the preferred shareholder Mina Mar Group (MMG) www.minamargroup.com to find a suitable candidate, to bring all filings up to date and to bring the company up to date.
Our mandate is to not only bring filings current and up to date, but to also restore shareholder value. https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/PSRU/quote
Our official twitter account is @PSRUSTOCK. PSRU will be making updates on this official twitter site, as well as, in the news and updates section of PSRU official website: www.psruturnaround.com. 
Currently MMG is entertaining two potential PSRU merger candidates namely, a marijuana cultivation factory in Ontario, Canada and a medical marijuana corporation located in United States. The interim management is of the opinion that these mergers will bring the greatest return and restore shareholder values to the company.
Both candidates show tremendous potential.
Current interim management is vigorously working towards finalizing one of these two potential merger prospects. 
A short seller / group of stock bashers who have successfully and artificially kept PSRU share price down since 2015 are continuing to thwart our efforts.  PSRU interim management is working diligently to  bring these mergers to fruition and become an OTC current filer.  

Easily accessible updates!

We will have easily accessible updates found on both this website and on our twitter account @PSRUSTOCK. Please check these sites frequently for further updates,  corporate updates, and news pertaining to PSRU.

Contact Us at PSRU and MMG (preferred shareholder)

You can email PSRU at psru@email.com and/or call us at 716 817 0588
Prefferred shareholder/ financier www.MinaMarGroup.com Email corporate@minamargroup.comTel.: 561 570 4301