If you are a common shareholder and wish to join us in a class action lawsuit please contact us. We are looking for common shareholders willing to participate in the cost sharing of the legal fees and the process.   We are the preferred shareholder representing all common shareholders for their rights in equity. 

The company quoted on OTC Markets under the symbol PSRU is subject of a hijacking.  The hijackers are seeking to conduct a massive dilution and a reverse split to basically erase all shareholders equity. 

The shareholders are in cahoots with the transfer agent to conduct this fraud. It is common knowledge that Transfer Online does this type of actions frequently.

We filed a determination motion to be heard in DE court where the co is domiciled. We are awaiting our trial date however the courts feel that there is merit to our complaint to be heard. 

We are looking to raise capital to pay legal fees of this matter and immediatly commence action on a class case basis against the transfer agent. The hijackers will be included as well however our research shows that they have very little or no assets. 

Company has fabulous future with extremely attractive growing plans in the marijuana growing industry.

Corporations reorganize and restructure for various reasons and in numerous ways. The bottom line usually is, well, the bottom line. Companies reorganize to increase profits and improve efficiency. The reorganization of a company typically addresses the efficiency component in an attempt to increase profits. It's not unusual for a corporation to reorganize on the heels of changes at the top. A new CEO often sees reorganization as a cure for a company's ills, and companies sometimes hire a new leader based specifically on his vision for reorganization. 

We are reaching out to PSRU investors who would like to participate in this process of taking company back to its track.

If you like marijuana stock holdings then PSRU is it!! We are a preferred shareholder, so our comment may be bias however PSRU is a company on the move!!. 

PSRU's management is in negotiations with a licensed marijuana growing facility. See images at company website  

See videos of existing operation and business expansion potential.  

More than half of dozen facilities with about 5,000 plants already in harvest.

Snippets of expert analysis and other positive material events will be made available shortly either on the PSRU website or in a 8k PSRU filing.

TA Termination

TA unwilling to supply management with proper accounting was FIRED! PSRU currently does not have a TA in place and no further shares will be issued until the TA issue of accounting is resolved

June 29, 2017 8k filing announcement and PSRU purchase

The following document called "PSRU purchase final" in the download section of this website is in regards to the 8k that is filed and currently under review by the SEC. 

See control block share purchase agreement between Joel Natario and MMG in download section. Supporting documents as per 8 K filed.   

July 2017 Rescission Notice

This document addresses the fake non performing financier attempting to conduct toxic financing

July 2017 Merger Financing

This is an SEC filing the merger financing

July 2017 Notice to Creditors

This is a legal notice that management posted on social media and newspapers. Info gathered will assist management in completing last 3 and a half years missing financials. Once completed company will apply to OTC to become a current issuer (CURRENT RANK)

PSRU Video

PSRU One of facilities video